Get access to a live database of current pharma prices

Whether you’re a purchasing manager, a sales professional, a commercial manager or an information analyst – you’ll find that the WaveData Live database provides you with hourly updates of information to help you make those critical decisions.

As a generic manufacturer, a wholesaler or distributor, a member of a buying group or purchaser for a chain of pharmacies you’ll find the latest price information on:

The prices on Wavedata Live are never more than 35 days old. 
However if you need historical data, Pharma TouchStone includes up to 6 months of history and the BPPI includes the last 10 years of history.

Examples of Wavedata Live are available in our sample data so you'll see the level of information that our subscribers get.

If you want instant access to the UK's largest live database of current pharmaceutical prices you’ll find the WaveData Live service cost-effective and comprehensive.

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