How do credits work to keep WaveData Live cost effective?

Credits help users to gauge their usage and to purchase further access as the need arises.

Each credit represents one line of data, including a single price for a product being sold to a chemist or dispensing doctor, with the date, the name of the company selling it and some description of the offer or invoice.

So as an example, the report below would require the user to have 2 credits in order to see the data:

Further information includes whether the account was a retail chemist or a dispensing doctor, whether the product was imported into the UK (PI) or was local (Eng.), whether the information came from a price list, a special offer, a telesales offer or an invoice and in the case of generics, the name of the manufacturer (where known).

Additionally before a user runs a report, the number of credits needed is included in the selection screen under the heading ‘Lines’:

Now please look at our access costs and let us know how many credits you need.
(Note, credits are not time limited and do not expire.)

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